by Eulalia Valldosera




This project engages art and science through a visionary subject: the awakening of telepathy in humans, as a tool for a deeper understanding of our enviroment that we share with other sentient beings. Animals exchange information this way but we do without being aware of. The morphogenetic fields are being studied and defined as a sort of inmaterial pools were our learnings and experiences are collected and discharged back to the members of each species.

As an artist and channeler of other dimensions, I’m trained to plug into the memories and informations hidden in places and persons, translating them into audio messages, writings, videos and drawings. I want to stablish a connection with the animal world inhabiting the Antarctica, asking for their vision about us and the world we inhabit. Our communications will be recorded live in a spoken message for each of the 12 days of the journey, to be broadcasted through the audio system built in the ship. As a ship logbook, the messages will be diplayed on a blog linked to other social media.

Like Penelope during her husband’s absence, I will stay inland, at an isolated spot in the mountains of my country, near the rivers and lakes of the Pyrenées, were the cicle of water begins its journey to the sea. From there I’ll be sending the audio mesages, I’ll be waving, like Penelope did, the pages of a written message through invisible threads that bind us with the sea creatures and their consciousness. Staying on land is my statement: we have an hability that science is studying and artists are already using for a long time to create above the time-lapse coordinates that gives us the illusion of being separated from each other.